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Featured Video: Tiny Pony, Big Jumps

Who needs a big show jumper when you’ve got a rocket-powered pony like this? Read more »

California Chrome for President

He lacks foreign policy experience and has never paid taxes, but he’s the one candidate who can unite the nation.
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Entrepreneurial Kid Sells Lemonade for Two Years to Save up for a Pony

A seven-year-old boy in Australia found a way to finance his dream of having a horse of his own. Read More »

Horse Gets in Hayloft; Needs Some Help Getting Back Down

The Little Fork Volunteer Technical Large Animal Rescue Team helped a horse who found himself in a very unusual predicament. Read More »

Ask the Vet: Warts in Horses

What causes horses to develop warts, and what to do to keep them from spreading. Read More »


Horse Insider

Over the Fence: WIHS

Over the Fence

Shetland Pony steeplechases, Olympic equestrians, a dog who rides a horse, and so much more at this iconic horse show.

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Horse Information and News


What's new on HorseChannel? Here's where you can find the latest horse news and our most recent articles about horses.

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The Near Side: The Conflict of a Non-Horsey Family

The Near Side

Riders fall into four general categories when it comes to maintaining relationships with non-equestrians.

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Horse Illustrated

Horse Illustrated Extras

Get the latest articles, downloads and more from HorseChannel, plus other features related to the current issue of Horse Illustrated.

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Featured Videos

Featured Videos

Throughout the week, the editorial team showcases our favorite funny or amazing horse videos from around the web.

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Ask The Vet


Submit your horse health  questions for our Ask the Vet column. This week, Dr. Gray talks about warts in horses.

Read More » Contests Contests

See what contests and giveaways are currently running, and view results from past contests.

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Senior Horse Care

Senior Horse

Take special care of your older equine. Senior horses need a little extra attention to keep them healthy and happy in their golden years.

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Club Horse Photo Gallery

Club Horse Photo Gallery

Get your cute horse pictures here! See Club Horse members’ pets here, and join the fun by posting your own horse photos to our gallery.

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Horse Games

Equine Entertainment

Watch horses in action here with our video library, play fun horsey games and more.

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Club Horse Members

Club Horse Members

Join other horse lovers by becoming part of Club Horse. Build a web profile for your horse and connect with other owners in the community.

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Horse Breeds

Find Your Match

Get all the information you need about horse breeds from around the world. Find out more about your horse's heritage, or learn which breed is perfect for you. We have detailed profiles on more than 85 breeds of horse, from the popular American Quarter Horse, Thoroughbred and Arabian horse to the exotic Friesian, Akhal-Teke and Gypsy Horse. Learn the fascinating history of these horse breeds and what equestrian sports they excel in today.

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